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Medication Flavoring

Make medicine time stress- free by adding your child's favorite flavor

Let your kid be involved in the flavor selection process and empower them to be a part of their medication therapy.  


Flavors are free of: 

  • Milk or Milk Products

  • Egg or Egg Products

  • Soybean or Soybean Products

  • Peanut or Peanut Products

  • Tree Nuts

  • Gluten

  • Wheat or Wheat Products

  • Grain

  • Fish or Seafood

  • Shellfish

  • Seeds or Seed Products

  • Latex

  • Dyes


More information: 

Click the image below for more information about Flavorx as well as coloring sheets and other reading materials. 


Flavor Options

Choose from a large variety of flavor options.


Try the Flavorbot! 

Click on the Flavorbot image below to try the Flavorbot tool which helps you select the best flavor for your specific medication. 

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