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2 for $7

4 for $10

6 for $15

8 for $18

10 for $20

Passport Photos

We take passport and visa sized photos and print them within minutes.

You can get 2 photos for $7.00 or 4 photos for $10.00.

Digital Prints

You can also print photos off of your smartphone or SD card from your digital camera. 

If you have less than 5 photos, it is recommended that you e-mail them to us at and we can print them for you. Otherwise, we will get them right off of your phone using either a USB cable or your microSD card (if you have one in your phone). 

For pricing and sizes available, see Price List.

Photo IDs

Personal and Professional IDs for businesses are also available here. Just tell us what information you need on your ID and we will setup and print them for you. Personal IDs are $10.00 each.

For businesses - please email  or call  to request a quote based on your company's needs.


We can also print large banners and signs up to 2 feet wide and 7 feet long. 

Need help designing your banner or sign? We can help! For a small setup fee, we can help you customize your banner with images, text and artwork so that the design is just the way you like it.

(See Price List for more details)


Need an important document or certificate laminated? Or even a small photo or keychain? No problem!

We offer quick and professional lamination services for photos and pages up to 8.5 x 11 inches.

(See Price List for details)

Photo Mugs

Personalized Photo Mugs can make a great gift for a loved one. We offer mugs with personalized messages and images. Once ordered, they normally take 1-2 business days to complete.

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To Save to a CD:

CD with Prints - $7

CD only - $10

Additional Persons - $3 each

From Digital Media:
Wallets & 4x6: $0.50
5x7: $3
8x10: $5
11x14: $10
16x20: $35
20x24: $45
24x30: $55
24x36: $65
Detailed Price List
To Save on a Flash Drive:

Flash Drive with Prints - $3

Flash Drive Only - $5

Additional Persons: $3 Each

Wallets & 4x6: $3
5x7: $5
8x10: $10
11x14: $15
16x20: $35
20x24: $45
24x30: $55
24x36: $65



Just Wording - $12 per foot
With Image(s) - $15 per foot
Full Color - $19 per foot
Max size: 2 ft by 7 ft




One-sided: $12.95

Both Sides: $14.95



Wallet Size: $1.75

NIB Card: $2.00

4x6: $3.00

5x7: $4.00

8x10: $5.00

8.5 x11: $6.00

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